Frequently Asked Questions

​Is this your first time hiring a freelance copywriter? Are you looking to add to your roster of writers? Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, here are the answers to recurring questions.

Do you have additional questions not listed here? Contact me at

1. What is a copywriter?
A copywriter creates straightforward, compelling text to sell products and/or educate and engage an audience. The copy (the text) can be in print or online. It can be an article, blog post, product description, or packaging. Great copy informs, persuades, and sells product.  I can accomplish that for you.

2. Why do I need a copywriter?
Hiring a copywriter is the same as hiring an expert to complete any other task. You don’t work on your own teeth. You don’t fix your own car. You call an expert. Copywriters are experts.​ For many people, writing is a difficult task. They see it as time-consuming and cumbersome. It’s even more daunting when you have a long to-do list. It’s often more cost-effective to outsource the work to a professional copywriter. Many companies have a strong team of writers yet they still need a fresh perspective from a new voice. Those are just a few of the reasons you need a freelance copywriter.

 3. What specific services do you offer? Do you really know Barbie's middle name?
I have more than 20 years of writing, editing, and proofing experience across various industries. I can provide you with Amazon A+ content, blog posts, articles, product descriptions for your site or retail sites, packaging copy, and taglines. I’ve written website content. I’ve written countless press releases. I have very specific expertise in the toy industry, licensing industry, Halloween industry, juvenile markets, and education market. As a toy industry copywriter, I've had many industry-specific projects such as writing questions for board games. After 20 years in the toy industry, you wouldn't believe the facts and figures I know. Barbie's middle name is Millicent. The Wisconsin native's birthday is March 9. 

4. I’ve never worked with a copywriter or any freelancer. How do we get started?
Please contact me at: We’ll have a conversation about your project. We’ll go step by step to discuss what needs to be accomplished. We’ll discuss timing, drafts, and revisions. I will send you a quote. If you are happy with the quote, I’ll get to work. It's an easy onboarding process.

5. What are your rates? What are the terms? How do you accept payment?
We can discuss a variety of options. I can charge hourly. I can charge a flat fee for a project. We can sign a retainer for a long-term assignment. This will be based on your needs. Here’s the chart with specific pricing. I require 50% upfront and the balance is due upon completion. Payments accepted via direct deposit or Zelle, a free and easy service. If you are outside the United States, we’ll discuss an electronic transfer and any associated bank fees.

6. Do we need a contract?
Yes, we’ll sign a contract. It will benefit both parties. You won’t need a legal team to review it. It will simply state the scope of work, revisions and edits, deadline, and specifics for payment.

7. What about confidentiality? Will you sign an NDA?
When we work together, I understand that you are trusting me with confidential information. I take that responsibility very seriously. All work is kept completely confidential. I will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

8. How quickly can we get started? How long will the work take?
We’ll agree on a start date, projected timeline for the work, and you’ll be provided with updates that we’ll agree upon in advance. In most cases, the work will begin right away. The timeline will depend upon the size of the project.  

 9. What do I need to provide you to get started?
Please provide as much in-depth information as possible. Information can take any form. It can be catalogs, press releases, links to sites, marketing decks, notes, people to interview. The more information, the better. It will move the process along faster and more accurately.

 10. What if I don’t like the draft? How many drafts can we work on?
Before we agree to work together we’ll spell out what you are looking for. We’ll discuss tone, style, audience, and many other factors. We’ll also allow for a certain number of drafts and/or revisions when we create a scope-of-work agreement. I’m confident that you’ll be happy with the final product. If the project needs to take a completely different direction, then we can revisit the original agreement.

 11. What are your hours? Can I contact you at any time? Where are you located?
I live on Long Island, which is a suburb of New York City. I’m happy to speak with you via phone between 9am-5pm ET. Email me at any time: All emails are answered promptly. I am a freelance copywriter working from my home so I’ll work on your project at any time during the day or night and probably on the weekend. However, we are not having calls at 5am, 11pm, or on weekends or major holidays. I am a copywriter. I’m not a doctor.

12. Can you work on something immediately? It’s an emergency!
In most cases I can work on something that is an “editorial emergency”. However, there will be an additional fee for an immediate turnaround.

13. Do you offer proofing services? Do you offer editing services?
Yes, I offer both proofing and editing services. However, those are two different things. I can proof copy by checking for spelling and grammar. Here's an idea of the rates. Editing is a separate stage where I make suggestions, revisions, and discuss the work in-depth with you.

14. Do you offer graphic design services?
Nope. Graphic design is a completely different skill. It’s one that I don’t have. I can recommend graphic designers if needed.

15. Do you provide clients with free samples of work?
Nope. I have more than 20 years of writing, editing, and proofing experience. I have a journalism degree from New York University.

Please visit my portfolio.

16. Who took the headshot?
I worked with Sara of Sara Miller Photo Studio, located in Smithtown on Long Island. She's wonderful to work with. I was loooong overdue for an upgrade. Thanks, Sara!